By The NOW Squad

Hello all!!

Welcome to our BLOG: Now First Certificate!

We are a cooperative association formed by English teachers, IT experts and other collaborators aiming to help English students get ready for the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE).

So, if you are planning to take the FCE, you will find the information you need, as well as English grammar and vocabulary tips and fun exam like practice activities here.

These are the different sections of our BLOG:

1. FCE news

In this section you will find important and relevant information about the FCE exam, such as a full description of all the exam papers and how to find an examination center in your area, as well as other relevant related news.

2. Get ready for FCE

This section is divided into two sub-sections:

  • Teachers’ Language tips: Here you will find clear and straight forward explanations of those grammar and vocabulary point that English learners usually find confusing. All explanations in this section as presented in a fun, useful and interesting way.
  • FCE Practice Activities: Here you will find fun and interesting exam like activities based on current news, music, films, etc. First read the introduction and then do the exercise. You will also find the correct answers.

Well, this is all for NOW!

We hope you find our work helpful getting ready for the FCE… We are certainly working very hard to do so… :-)

Looking forward to your comment and suggestions…

Take care

The NOW Squad


  1. Eidi Mohammad

    Eidi Mohammad .

    this is my first time that I attended in this website , I am going to improve the English level capacity through using this page , dear I have participated in IELTS and getting 5 score overall , I have planning for master program outside special in UK but most of the Universities in the UK need more score . hope and wishing developing my English language please find out the easy way to increased my English language .

    • The Now squad

      Hello Eidi.

      Welcome to our BLOG, we hope you find it helpful to improve your English and that the next time you take the IELTS you get a higher score. :-)

      Most universities in the UK also accept the First Certificate Exam and we are now working on our FCE Online Preparation Course which will really help you get ready for this exam.

      We will soon post more news about this, stay tuned… :-)


      Now Teacher

      • selaudin rexhepi

        It`s first time that click on this page,so firstly Congratulations than I`m an albanian who wants to impove my english specially spoke language.So I like any your reccomandation

  2. Eidi Mohammad

    Victoria thanks a lot ur kindly e-mail and message too. please help to completed my aim as soon.

  3. Slobodan

    I consider this as a good opportunity for the beginners, but I can inform you politely that we have The British Council in Serbia and it represents your culture on the wright way. Thank you. Sincerely.

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