Learn more about Paper 5: SPEAKING

Hello all,

How are you?

NOW, it is time to talk about paper 5, SPEAKING


Yes, you are… 🙂

SPEAKING a language fluently is our final and ultimate objective when we study a foreign language.

So, the first thing we would like to tell you about this section of the exam is that you should look at it as a way reaching that final and ultimate objective, which is  having a nice conversation with another or other candidates monitored by the examiner.

Just sit down, relax and answer the questions…

It is very important to understand what you are being asked. You will be asked four different kinds of questions:

1. General conversation

First you will be asked to answer questions about general topics such as family life, daily routines, likes and dislikes, etc.

2. Comparing photographs

You will be given two photographs and you will have to talk about them for one minute.

3. Decision-making task

You and another candidate will be given a set of photographs to engage yourselves in a discussion and to try to come up with decisions according to what the examiner has asked you.

4. Discussion

Then, you and the other candidate will have a discussion about topics related to the previous task.

Overall the speaking section of the exam takes 14 minutes and it is usually at a different location and on a different date than the other sections of the exam.

We will be SPEAKING more about this section of the exam in later posts…

Speak to you soon!!!

Tale care

The NOW teachers



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