Learn more about Paper 4: LISTENING

Hello there,

How are you?

The oral comprehension, LISTENING, section of the First Certificate Exam is probably the one that exam takes or candidates fear the most.

How do you feel about it?

We agree it is a tricky section yet we know you can do very well. You just need lots of practice and to concentrate during the exam.

It is very important you stay focused during the exam and to follow the instructions carefully. Also, you will be given time to read the possible answers before listening and it is very important to do so carefully.

Let’s look at the four different parts…

1. Multiple choice 1

In this part you will hear eight recordings of people talking in different situations. You will hear each one of them twice and then you will have to choose one of three (A, B or C) possible answers to the given question about the each recording.

2. Sentence completion

In this part you will be given 10 sentences to be completed with information you will get form a recording. In this case you will have to write or type your answer so watch out your spelling. However, you will be given time to check your answers after this part of the test; so do not worry about correcting the spelling during the listing, do so during the extra time to correct.

3. Multiple matching

In this section you will be given six statements or opinions and hear five speakers talking about a specific topic. Then, you will have to match them, who says or thinks what.

4. Multiple choice 2

In this section you will hear one recording and then choose the correct answers (A, b or C) for seven questions related the recording you have just heard.

You will be given time at the end to check of the all sections…

Overall the listening section takes 40 minutes.

Well, this is all for NOW 😉

Talk to you soon…

Take care

The NOW teacher


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