What you need to know about the Common European Framework of Reference- CEFR

Hello everyone,

Nowadays, and each day more frequently, you can hear “My level of English is a B2”.

We can still remember when instead of saying a “B2” we would say “Upper Intermediate”, but being an “Upper Intermediate” could mean many different things with respect your competence and abilities to communicate in English as a non-native speaker.

What The Common European Framework of Reference, CEFR, has done is to establish six levels of competence and abilities that provide a basis for mutual recognition of language qualifications.

This is very important because it facilitates educational and occupational mobility. In other words, the CEFR makes easier for people to study or work in another country and language. The CEFR plays a very important role in language and education policy, not only within Europe, but worldwide and it has growing relevance for language testers and examination boards.

The six levels divided as follows:

Levels A – Basic users (A1 and A2) – Beginners and Lower Intermediate students

Levels B – Intermediate users (B1 and B2) – Intermediate and Upper Intermediate students

Levels C – Proficient users (C1 and C2) – Advanced students

Find the description of the six levels and read more about the CEFR at the Council of Europe.

Please, let us know if you have further questions.

(Find this information in Spanish)

Take care,


Now Teacher



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  3. khizer

    Common European Framework of Reference- CEFR is the best test system for student who can’t speak English OR confuse to speak English……. Common European Framework of Reference- CEFR is best for preparing English test Language……………Thanks

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    • The Now squad


      The best way to improve a skill is practicing and speaking and listening are 2 out of the four skills of any language… To improve your listening you need to watch films or television in English, with and without subtitles. You can also listen to music and sing along the songs, that will also improve your pronunciation… To improve your speaking you speak, speak and speak… and lose the fear of making mistakes… 😉

      We are now developing our first FCE preparation course and it will contain many listening and speaking activities that will help you improve these skills even if you are not planning to take these exam in the future…

      Stay tuned for more information about these new course…

      Take care,


    • The Now squad

      Hello Cuong,

      We plan to develop exam preparation courses for all official English proficiency exams including TOIEC.

      However, we have decided to start with the FCE and we are developing an online FCE preparation course that has many exam-like practice activities to help you prepare for the exam which is not specific for TOIEC but the language skills you will improve with it will also help you with this other test.
      Stay tuned for more information about this new course.

      You can also follow us in Facebook. All our Facebook fans will get special prices and discounts on our courses.



      • Kim Lien

        I am going to participate in an FCE. How can i practice the test online? Please help me. Thanks a lot.

      • The Now squad

        Hello Kim,

        Thanks for visiting our BLOG!

        You can find free practice tests at Cambridge’s official site. We are NOW working on our exam practice based course to be released in a few months. We will let all followers now when it is available.



  6. john

    Thank you very much for your website test i answered all questions and i got B2 level. so, i am really grateful for this. i would like to improve my English more, i want to become as a native speaker. so, i need your suggest….

  7. tala

    thanx for your test
    I wanna congratulate to u for such creativity way in evaluation.
    I ask u that introduce to me materials for improving my English.

  8. Narison

    I need to improve my English. As my level is B2, Thanks to CEFR, it’s important to know the actual level.

  9. mohamed

    Thank you for your help and your enjoying exam . and I am looking forward to hearing good news about this beautiful website.
    Best wishes

  10. beni

    thank you CEFR , I’ve tried to do the exam, altough I’ve done fluently yet,, I got B1, but no problem,, I will effort again n again.. is there any ones who can give me some information about others examination site,,, thanks… Cheers..

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