To back up

Hello everybody

Let’s talk about the very nice phrasal verb “to back up”.

I love this one because it means to give support or encouragement to other people.

For example:

He is is a very good colleague. He backed them up even though he did not agree with their claim.  

Note that “to back up” is a separable phrasal verb and therefore we say “backed them up” and NOT “backed up them

Now, there is a another meaning of “to back up” that I am sure you know.

Look at this example:

Please, remember to back up all important files.

And in this case “to back up” means to make a copy as support usually for security.

And remember…

“It is always good to have a backup plan.”

And in this quote “backup” written together is an adjective… A “backup plan” is another plan just in case the original one does not work out.

Take care,

Now Teacher


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