To make fun of

Couple pointing

Hi there,

Are you ready to learn a new phrasal verb today?

Certainly no one will make fun of you for trying.


There it is!

To make fun of someone/something is a phrasal verb that means to make a joke about someone or something in an unkind way.

How about some examples

Young man with a funny hat:

I make fun of my brother when he wears his hat because I think it looks silly.

He makes fun of me when I lose my glasses (which happens often)!


Notice that to make fun of is an inseparable phrasal verb. The object comes after the verb: I make fun of him.

Remember, to make fun of someone or something isn’t always unkind. Sometimes we make fun of something or someone to make ourselves or our friends have a laugh.

Now go ahead and practice this phrasal verb today!


Now teacher


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