To make a fuss

Image courtesy o Phaitoon / FreeDigitalPhotos.netHello,

Often when babies are unhappy they cry and fuss.

Today we are looking at the idiom to make a fuss which means to object or to complain.

Let’s look at some examples:

My grandpa always makes a fuss when restaurant service is slow.

Janet makes a fuss when she doesn’t like her lunch.

He always makes a fuss when he is tired.

But to make a fuss isn’t always bad. Think of your grandma:


Does she make a fuss when you visit? Does she show you a lot of attention, prepare all of your favorite foods and insist you sit in the most comfortable chair?

Grandparents are known for making a fuss over their grandchildren. This means to give them excessive attention.

In that case it would be a good idea to make a fuss over your studies and keep working on your English!


Now teacher


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