Can’t afford

MercedesHi everyone,

I would really like to buy a new car soon but I can’t afford a Mercedes.

Today we are going to look at the phrase to afford which means to have the financial ability to pay for (something). In this case it is negative which means to not have the financial means to pay for (something).

Let’s see some more examples:

Robert is unemployed and can’t afford to go on vacation…

When we use the phrase “can’t afford” it is not limited only to money.

Here are some more examples:

Boy playing football

The team can’t afford to miss this goal or they will lose the game.

Bill can’t afford to fail the test or he won’t pass the class.

In this case “can’t afford” expresses a risk to oneself.

Notice the phrase is usually followed by an infinitive verb but can also be followed by a noun, as we see in the example:

I can’t afford a Mercedes.

Keep up the good work!

Now teacher


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