To do (something) over


When students in my class do not put  a lot of effort into their work I ask them to do it over.

Today we are going to look at the phrasal verb to do over.

To do (something) over means to repeat something and it is a separable verb which means the noun or pronoun is found between do and over. Usually you must do something over because you have done it badly the first time.

Let’s look at some examples:

Roger must do the project over because he copied work from another student.

Sheila does the song over until she remembers the words.

To do something over can also mean to redecorate something.

Living room

We did the living room over because the old couch was ugly. It looks very nice now, doesn’t it?

So, remember to study hard and do good work so you don’t have to do it over!


Now teacher


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