Let us give a little love and make the world a better place…

Give a Little LoveHello there,

How are you all today?

We all live in a difficult world nowadays…

We are so busy, stressed and concerned about our own problems that we miss to see there is a whole world of people around who may just need a little love and care from us…

Looking the other way may just seem so much easier; we cannot spare the time. Yet sometimes giving a little love, being kind to someone we may not even know, would just take a few seconds of our time, and  we could get a lot of love of our own…

Life is so fleeting; let’s make it worth living! There is no better way of doing that, than by giving…

Look at this video to see what we mean and improve your English

1. First revise the new words in bold

2. Read the lyrics of the song.

3. Watch the video

We hope you like it…

It does make you think and it is worth sharing, isn’t it?

Take care and let’s start giving…


NOW Teacher


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