To look forward to

To look forward toHello all,

Is it cold where you are? Where my mom lives it is very cold in the winter and she always looks forward to the warm weather.

Today we will look at the phrasal verb to look forward to. It means to wait for or to hope for with pleasure.

Let’s look at some examples:

My cat looks forward to the moment I arrive home so I can feed him.

The children look forward to their summer vacation every year.

But what about the phrase I am looking forward to?

To look forward to

You leave a message for a friend and say “I am looking forward to seeing you soon.”

Both “I look forward to” and “I am looking forward to” are correct, however, I look forward to sounds more formal.

So, remember, if you are applying for a job it’s best to say “I look forward to hearing from you soon”.

One more thing, notice that if this phrasal verb is followed by a verb, this verb must be in the “-ing” form: hearing.

Good luck and keep reviewing your phrasal verbs!



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