To make the most of

To make the most ofHello,

How are you today?

I recently went on a trip to France and had many problems in my travels. In the end I only had one day to spend in Paris.

However, I decided to make the most of it and see as much as I could.

Today we will look at the idiom to make the most of. It means to enjoy something as much as possible.

Let’s look at more examples:

The camping trip was cancelled but John made the most of his weekend by going swimming.

They made the most of a bad dinner by ordering a nice bottle of wine.

To make the most of can also mean to take advantage of.

For example:

To make the most of

John makes the most of his musical ability by playing in a band.

So NOW you can go make the most of your time by learning more English!

Best wishes,


Now teacher


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