To put down

To put downHello,

Do you know anyone addicted to video games? My Brother is and every time I see him I have to tell him to put down the controller at least for a while… :-/

Today we are going to look at the phrasal verb to put down. It means to place something somewhere. It can be separable or inseparable.

Here are some examples:

When I am carrying many shopping bags I have to put them down to open the door to my house.

I put down the phone and went outside when I heard the noise.

Put the books down on the table and come with me.

To put someone down means something different. It means to insult someone or say something bad about that person.

Teenage Girls Gossiping

The school bully put Mary down by saying she was slow.

My brother put down the neighbor and they had a fight.

Next time you find yourself watching TV instead of studying, put down the remote and pick up your books!



NOW teacher


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