The unluckiest man alive?

Erik NorrieHello there,

How are you?

Have you heard about Erik Norrie? He has recently been called the unluckiest man alive, but is he really?

Erick Norrie is a 40 year-old fireman from Florida who was recently attacked by a shark…  He is fine, no worries. He is in hospital and will need surgery on his leg but he will be OK.

This incident alone would not have made him earn being called the World’s Unluckiest Man by  Fox News, but he has been through a series of very unfortunate events.

He was struck by a lightning when he was 10 years old and three years later he nearly lost his right leg after a rattlesnake bit him. Not only that, he has also been attacked by monkeys twice, once in the Amazon and another in Honduras… and now he was attacked by a shark.

You may think that he isn’t a lucky guy!  But if you think about it, isn’t he, really?

He has always survived, hasn’t he?

So, is he the luckiest or the unluckiest man alive?

Looking forward to your comments.

Take care,


Language tip

Notice the words in green:  lucky, luckiest and unluckiest

What kind of word is lucky?

Yes, it is an adjective.

And luckiest is its superlative form.

We mainly add the prefix UN to adjectives and participles to form negatives or opposites. For example:

certain – uncertain

expected – unexpected

We can also add UN to a verb to reverse an action:

dress – undress

do – undo

Like in one of my old time favorite songs: Unbreak my Heart by Toni Braxton

New words

Shark: Noun –  Large fish with very sharp teeth that lives in the sea.

Surgery: Noun – A medical treatment in which a doctor cuts and opens someone’s body

Lightning: Noun – The bright flashes of light you see in the sky during a storm

Rattlesnake: Noun –  A poisonous snake that makes noise that sounds like a rattle with its tail.

Rattle: Noun – Baby’s toy that makes noise when it’s shaken


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