Way to go Oakland!

Hello there,

WOW!! Check out how these Oakland 3rd Grade (9 -10 year old ) Students REMIXED a Rihanna song!

Oakland is a city in the United States that has had some struggles and challenges in their schools for the past few years. Look at how the city is trying to inspire their community and students!! I think this is a great way to get students excited for the new school year.

Way to go Oakland!

What are these students saying their priority is for next year?

Review some of this key vocabulary before watching their music video.

Attendance (noun): The number of persons present to a class, meeting, game, concert, etc.

Priority (noun): Something that is given more importance than other things.

Educate (verb): To teach someone especially at school, college or university.

Hesitate (verb): to pause or delay doing something.

Devour (verb): to eat or consume quickly.

Indispensible (adjective): something absolutely necessary or essential.


NOW, let me know…

Whether you are going back to school or back to work…

What is YOUR PRIORITY for next year?


What popular song would YOU choose to REMIX?

Hope to hear from you!


NOW Teacher


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