Let’s stand by the world…

Playing for changeHello,

How are you today?

To stand by is a phrasal verb

You can stand by someone which means to be loyal to someone who is in a difficult situation.

You can also stand by something and this means to continue to have a particular belief or opinion regardless of what other people may think.

So, how about if we all stand by the world and the belief that there can be peace all over…

Playing for change: Songs around the world” is a documentary film on music that shows how a group of independent filmmakers traveled around the world in an effort to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music…

Because music knows no boundaries, knows no races, it is possible for music to bring peace around the world

So, using a mobile recording studio, they traveled wherever music took them…

Here is one of their videos..

Stand by me

Amazing, isn’t it?

And remember, “no matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life, at some point you are going to need somebody to stand by you“.

Take care


NOW Teacher


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