To use (something) up

Hello there!

How are you today?

Are you green?  Do you worry about the environment and try to take better care of our natural resources?

We believe that we should all start taking better care of our planet and be careful not to use all our natural resources up

Today you are going to learn about the phrasal verb to use something up.

To use something up means to use all of what you have or your supply, of something.

It is a separable phrasal verb and let me give you an example:

Don’t you hate wanting to wash your hair and discovering that you sister has used all the shampoo up?

I do and my sister does that to me all the time… :-/

Please, do not get the wrong impression. She is a nice person; she is just a bit forgetful…

Well, one thing she never forgets is to close the tap while she shampoos; so she uses up all the shampoo but not all the water…

She is always reminding me of the importance of taking good care of our planet and that we have to start today before we run out of time.

I am following her advice… Will you?

Here you have 50 ways to help the planet.

Take care and be green…



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