Do YOU need the Cambridge First Certificate?

Hey there!!!

How are you? We have got a question for you…

viejecitaHave you been wondering if YOU need the Cambridge First Certificate?

Check out these 5 reasons to take the First Certificate Exam!

1. Over 4,000,000 million people take one of the Cambridge examinations every year.

The rest spend their time playing solitaire.

2. Did you know, that the number of people who speak English as a second language, already exceeds the number of native English speakers?

I guess Esperanto was not needed after all. I bet the creator is now looking for an English teacher…

3. It is estimated that over 55% of web pages are written in English.

The rest are written in Chinese.  Chinese has about FIVE different tones for each word…sounds much easier right?

4. 75% of information from different media (books, newspapers, radio, television, etc. ) is written in English.

How well informed are you?

5. The First Certificate is accepted by more than 13,500  universities, companies and institutions worldwide.

But my grandmother doesn’t need it, do YOU?

We are talking about this at, join us and meet other people from around the world who also need the Cambridge First Certificate and their reasons why!  🙂

Can’t wait to hear from you!

The NOWSquad



  1. Irene

    Very useful for your careers. I can assure that passing the FCE will offer you a lot of new job opportunities! So, let’s enroll here!

  2. Zack Metcalf

    This First Certificate is essential in today’s society especially with the crisis that is going on in Spain! This allows you to differentiate yourself from the other competition that is out there in the professional world! Very informational article!

  3. haddahr

    I will never regret doing this course. Well structured, easy and very much needed in the competitive world we live in. In my business carrier it has been very useful and made an impact on getting the job I wanted. Highly recommend to anyone willing to improve their working or studying situation.

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