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What you need to know about the Common European Framework of Reference- CEFR

Hello everyone,

Nowadays, and each day more frequently, you can hear “My level of English is a B2”.

We can still remember when instead of saying a “B2” we would say “Upper Intermediate”, but being an “Upper Intermediate” could mean many different things with respect your competence and abilities to communicate in English as a non-native speaker.

What The Common European Framework of Reference, CEFR, has done is to establish six levels of competence and abilities that provide a basis for mutual recognition of language qualifications.

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Attention university students and candidates – Bologna Plan

Hello there,

How are you?

Today, we want to talk to you about the Bologna Plan. Have you heard about it? I bet you have!

Just case you have not, let me tell you about it.

In 1999, 29 countries signed the Bologna declaration, which started a process aiming to create a common “European space for higher education” in order to enhance the employability and mobility of citizens and to increase the international competitiveness of European higher education.

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