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Learn more about Paper 3: USE OF ENGLISH

Hello there!

How are you all?

Ready for more information about Paper 3: USE OF ENGLISH?

This part of the First Certificate Exam tests you knowledge and command of English grammar and vocabulary.

It lasts 45 minutes and there are 42 questions divided into the following parts:

Multiple choice lexical cloze:  In this part you will find a text with 12 numbered gaps for which you will have to choose  which answer (A. B. C or D) best fits each gap.

For example,

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lay, laid or lied?

Hello all!

How are you today?

Today, I am fine but let me tell you that last night I was so tired that as soon as I got home and lay down, I fell asleep and missed one of my best friend’s birthday party. I do not know what happened, I just wanted to rest for a few minutes but I laid my head on the pillow and in a few seconds I was sound asleep.

It was so embarrassing that I lied when she called me to see where I was… 😦

NOW, let me teach you some English. Look at the three past tenses I have highlighted: lay, laid and lied.

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