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Let’s stand by the world…

Playing for changeHello,

How are you today?

To stand by is a phrasal verb

You can stand by someone which means to be loyal to someone who is in a difficult situation.

You can also stand by something and this means to continue to have a particular belief or opinion regardless of what other people may think.

So, how about if we all stand by the world and the belief that there can be peace all over…

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Way to go Oakland!

Hello there,

WOW!! Check out how these Oakland 3rd Grade (9 -10 year old ) Students REMIXED a Rihanna song!

Oakland is a city in the United States that has had some struggles and challenges in their schools for the past few years. Look at how the city is trying to inspire their community and students!! I think this is a great way to get students excited for the new school year.

Way to go Oakland!

What are these students saying their priority is for next year?

Review some of this key vocabulary before watching their music video.

Attendance (noun): The number of persons present to a class, meeting, game, concert, etc.

Priority (noun): Something that is given more importance than other things.

Educate (verb): To teach someone especially at school, college or university.

Hesitate (verb): to pause or delay doing something.

Devour (verb): to eat or consume quickly.

Indispensible (adjective): something absolutely necessary or essential.


NOW, let me know…

Whether you are going back to school or back to work…

What is YOUR PRIORITY for next year?


What popular song would YOU choose to REMIX?

Hope to hear from you!


NOW Teacher

Bring or take?

Bring or take?Hello there,

How are you? Are you enjoying the summer?

One thing we love doing during the summer is camping.

Do you like camping? It is very nice once you are there, but getting ready to go camping can be quite a lot of work and that’s the part I do not like…

There are so many things to bring.

Or should I say to take?

Well, deciding when to use to bring or to take is not as difficult as it seems. It all depends on whether you are going or not, and this is what you are going to learn today.

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The unluckiest man alive?

Erik NorrieHello there,

How are you?

Have you heard about Erik Norrie? He has recently been called the unluckiest man alive, but is he really?

Erick Norrie is a 40 year-old fireman from Florida who was recently attacked by a shark…  He is fine, no worries. He is in hospital and will need surgery on his leg but he will be OK.

This incident alone would not have made him earn being called the World’s Unluckiest Man by  Fox News, but he has been through a series of very unfortunate events.

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Let us give a little love and make the world a better place…

Give a Little LoveHello there,

How are you all today?

We all live in a difficult world nowadays…

We are so busy, stressed and concerned about our own problems that we miss to see there is a whole world of people around who may just need a little love and care from us…

Looking the other way may just seem so much easier; we cannot spare the time. Yet sometimes giving a little love, being kind to someone we may not even know, would just take a few seconds of our time, and  we could get a lot of love of our own…

Life is so fleeting; let’s make it worth living! There is no better way of doing that, than by giving…

Look at this video to see what we mean and improve your English

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And a time for wishes and resolutions…

How are you?

Also, many people around the world celebrated the beginning of a New Year yesterday…

The beginning of a New Year is usually linked to wishes and resolutions. Among the most popular New Year’s resolutions you can find to quit smoking or drinking, to lose weight or get fit, to spend more time with the family or help others, and to learn something new...

And shouldn’t every day be a good day to make such resolutions or to have nice wishes?

We believe so… We face every day as a New Year’s Day and among our every day’s resolutions we will always include to teach something new. :- )

So, regardless of when you celebrate New Year’s, not everyone celebrates it on January 1st, we would like to say…


We hope all your wishes to come true…

Take care!

Now Teacher

A time to share and love…

Hi there!

How are you?

It was Christmas Day yesterday, and many people around the world celebrated this special day sharing presents, good food and, most of all, love with family and friends…

This is exactly what is nice about Christmas; it is an opportunity to show others how much you care about them…

So, shouldn’t every day be Christmas Day?

And therefore, we would like to quote Charles Dickens and say…

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