English idioms: To hit the nail on the head

arg-hammer-chasing-nail-animbg-320x200-urlHello there,

How are you?

Today you are going to learn the English idiom to hit the nail on the head.


It means to do or say something exactly right.

For example:

encouraging teacher

Mark got an A on his First Certificate Exam and his teacher said:

Well done Mark! You hit the nail on the head.

Yes, Mark really nailed it on the exam, and I know you will do so too.

And if I tell you that “you nailed it“, it means that you completed a task successfully or got something right.

Keep on getting ready for the First!





Living The Walking Dead

walking dead 4Hello there,

How are you today?

Watching films and TV is a very good practice to improve your English.

Nowadays the genre of TV series has reached a cinematographic level that, in some cases, is higher than Hollywood’s best films.

I love watching TV series, do you? Do you have a favorite one?

We could talk about TV series as a way to practice your English comprehension and expression, couldn’t we?

Let me tell you about one of my favorites…

I do not like zombies, but I love The Walking Dead!

To me there is a lot more to it than just a bunch of horrible zombies and the very disgusting scenes they are involved in.

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Someone to look up to


How are you?malala_yousafzai

Do you remember Malala Yousafzai?

She is the Pakistani school girl, and education activist who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban last year, because she was not afraid to speak up! Malala speaks up to defend girls’ rights to education in Pakistan, as well as, children’s education worldwide.

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To use (something) up

Hello there!

How are you today?

Are you green?  Do you worry about the environment and try to take better care of our natural resources?

We believe that we should all start taking better care of our planet and be careful not to use all our natural resources up

Today you are going to learn about the phrasal verb to use something up.

To use something up means to use all of what you have or your supply, of something.

It is a separable phrasal verb and let me give you an example:

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Let’s stand by the world…

Playing for changeHello,

How are you today?

To stand by is a phrasal verb

You can stand by someone which means to be loyal to someone who is in a difficult situation.

You can also stand by something and this means to continue to have a particular belief or opinion regardless of what other people may think.

So, how about if we all stand by the world and the belief that there can be peace all over…

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Way to go Oakland!

Hello there,

WOW!! Check out how these Oakland 3rd Grade (9 -10 year old ) Students REMIXED a Rihanna song!

Oakland is a city in the United States that has had some struggles and challenges in their schools for the past few years. Look at how the city is trying to inspire their community and students!! I think this is a great way to get students excited for the new school year.

Way to go Oakland!

What are these students saying their priority is for next year?

Review some of this key vocabulary before watching their music video.

Attendance (noun): The number of persons present to a class, meeting, game, concert, etc.

Priority (noun): Something that is given more importance than other things.

Educate (verb): To teach someone especially at school, college or university.

Hesitate (verb): to pause or delay doing something.

Devour (verb): to eat or consume quickly.

Indispensible (adjective): something absolutely necessary or essential.


NOW, let me know…

Whether you are going back to school or back to work…

What is YOUR PRIORITY for next year?


What popular song would YOU choose to REMIX?

Hope to hear from you!


NOW Teacher

Bring or take?

Bring or take?Hello there,

How are you? Are you enjoying the summer?

One thing we love doing during the summer is camping.

Do you like camping? It is very nice once you are there, but getting ready to go camping can be quite a lot of work and that’s the part I do not like…

There are so many things to bring.

Or should I say to take?

Well, deciding when to use to bring or to take is not as difficult as it seems. It all depends on whether you are going or not, and this is what you are going to learn today.

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