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Living The Walking Dead

walking dead 4Hello there,

How are you today?

Watching films and TV is a very good practice to improve your English.

Nowadays the genre of TV series has reached a cinematographic level that, in some cases, is higher than Hollywood’s best films.

I love watching TV series, do you? Do you have a favorite one?

We could talk about TV series as a way to practice your English comprehension and expression, couldn’t we?

Let me tell you about one of my favorites…

I do not like zombies, but I love The Walking Dead!

To me there is a lot more to it than just a bunch of horrible zombies and the very disgusting scenes they are involved in.

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Let’s stand by the world…

Playing for changeHello,

How are you today?

To stand by is a phrasal verb

You can stand by someone which means to be loyal to someone who is in a difficult situation.

You can also stand by something and this means to continue to have a particular belief or opinion regardless of what other people may think.

So, how about if we all stand by the world and the belief that there can be peace all over…

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Let us give a little love and make the world a better place…

Give a Little LoveHello there,

How are you all today?

We all live in a difficult world nowadays…

We are so busy, stressed and concerned about our own problems that we miss to see there is a whole world of people around who may just need a little love and care from us…

Looking the other way may just seem so much easier; we cannot spare the time. Yet sometimes giving a little love, being kind to someone we may not even know, would just take a few seconds of our time, and  we could get a lot of love of our own…

Life is so fleeting; let’s make it worth living! There is no better way of doing that, than by giving…

Look at this video to see what we mean and improve your English

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Is it cold, very cold, too cold or so cold?

Image courtesy of Tina Phillips  / FreeDigitalPhotos.netHello all,

How are you today?

I hope you are all fine and having a very good time…

HUMM!!!  In this sentence we have used “very good”.

Can we say “so goodortoo good?

Too”, “so” and “very” are adverbs that can be used as intensifiers and this means that they can be used before adjectives or other adverbs to intensify their meaning. It is not the same to say just “good” than to say “very good” or “so good” or “too good”.

When to use which depends on what you want to say…

Look at these examples…

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We can live with that, can’t we?

Hello you all!!!

How have you been?

Do you like going to the cinema or watching films?

I love watching films at home, at the cinema, it does not matter; it is one of my favourite free time activities

It is also good for me as an English teacher because watching films is one of the things I can advise you to do, to improve your English.  🙂

So, today, I want to talk you about one of my favourite films: “Little Miss Sunshine

I have highlighted  the new vocabulary and you can find it below.

It was released in 2006, written by Michael Arndt, and directed by the husband-and-wife team of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

It relates the story of the Hoovers, Sheryl, the mum, Richard, the dad, the grandpa, Frank, the uncle, and  Dwayne, the brother, all travelling cross-country to take 7-year-old Olive to the Little Miss Sunshine state beauty contest.

It is a film full of warmth and charm. It is a comedy-drama that has the ability to make you laugh and cry almost at that same time and then leave you with the feeling that no matter how hard it can be, “life is worth living”.

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